An engineer's relocation journey to join funda

Apr 13, 2023 3 min read
An engineer's relocation journey to join funda

Connor Christensen is a Front-end Developer at funda. He joined the company two years ago, having applied for the job while living in the US, and eager to work abroad. Funda assisted him in relocating to Amsterdam. In this blog, Connor explains what it took to get here.

How did you find out about funda?
‘During my time in Portland, Oregon, I developed a strong desire to move to Amsterdam, fueled by both my previous positive experience in the city and the fact that I already knew some people there. Fortunately my wife was adventurous enough to make the move with me. While browsing for houses on, I checked if they had any job openings, and they did. The interview process was fast, and they were honest about their expectations. I felt that the company culture matched my personality well and they seemed to think the same. They made me an offer, and four months later, I was here.’

How did the relocation process go?
‘Aided by the relocation company funda hired to handle communication with the Dutch immigration office, the process was relatively easy. While not as straightforward as a relocation from within the EU, the US and the Netherlands have treaties to make relocation between the countries easier.

I needed to get some documents reissued and endorsed, apply for a residence permit, and complete a few other administrative tasks, but the majority of the four-month moving process was waiting. After we got our residence permit approved, I bought a plane ticket, and funda paid for my AirBnB for two weeks. During that time, we found an apartment to rent and now we are living in the lively centre of Amsterdam.’

Was it easy for you to integrate into the company?
‘After starting at funda, I attended nearly every event organized by the office manager. Moving so far away is difficult, especially without any friends or family around. But the people at funda are some of the nicest I've ever met. In fact, I am grateful to say that many of them have become close friends.

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The company culture is one of the best, and they organize so many events, so it is easy to meet new colleagues. The front-end team has grown since I joined, and there are now eight of us, which is great. Funda is constantly hiring people from all over the world, and it really benefits from having all the different perspectives of how to build good products and software.’

Below the video featuring Connor, the blog post continues.

How long do you plan to stay here?
‘I received a one-year contract when I started which thankfully transitioned into a permanent one. Now we're looking to buy a house and this has further strengthened our determination to stay. When we moved here, I already had some friends living in Amstelveen, and I had visited Amsterdam before, so I knew I liked the city a lot. The Dutch culture is very straightforward and that suits me well. While the Dutch often like to complain about the rain or the trains, this is a fantastic country, and I am looking forward to staying.’

Would you recommend others to relocate?
‘Not everyone has the opportunity to relocate, but if it's possible, I highly recommend it. For me, it's important to step outside of your comfort zone and live in different places, as I believe that the place you were born in may not necessarily be where you'll find the most happiness. The best way to increase your chances of finding the place where you belong is to explore various options, and that's what my wife and I did. So far, Amsterdam has been a great fit for us, and we're really enjoying it here.

Of course, whether or not to relocate depends on the individual and their personal goals and preferences. The process can be challenging, but at funda and within the Netherlands, you'll find a welcoming community that's dedicated to helping you integrate and feel at home. Funda has been incredibly helpful throughout my relocation process, organizing events and offering support along the way. In the end, the rewards of relocating have been well worth it for me.’

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