My first four weeks at funda: Software Engineer Bektur

Mar 30, 2021 2 min read
My first four weeks at funda: Software Engineer Bektur

At funda we do everything we can to ensure a smooth onboarding for new fundies. And who’s better to judge this than our new colleagues themselves. So meet Bektur Kurbanov, our newest Software Engineer who looks back at his first four weeks.

The reason I joined funda
“Joining funda was not only about starting a new job but also the first significant step in moving to the Netherlands. I was looking for a place where I could continue my professional development while feeling comfortable, as well as make new friends. It seemed to me that funda was the right place.”

The most surprising thing of the first week
“The very warm and friendly atmosphere within funda and my team. The way the colleagues support me makes it easier to blend into the team and work, thus making me feel part of it.”

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My biggest opportunity
“As a developer, the technical aspect is certainly of most interest. Since funda is a large and complex platform, it provides an opportunity to work with a wide variety of technologies and tools and gain experience in design and system scaling. In addition to technical growth, I see an opportunity to develop management skills, all the relevant conditions for that are present.”

What I never expected
“That I would laugh so much! My wife who works beside me often notices this. As it turned out, a working day can be very cheerful.”

My first step at improving the funda platform
“I have not yet made a big contribution, however users can already see some of the results of my work. I am currently engaged in migrating one of our internal services to the new version.”

When discussing things with my team I
“… laugh a lot. Actually, since I am still getting into various parts of the system, I try to listen more and depending on the situation I participate in discussions and offer some of my own solutions to problems.”

What I still haven't done with my team
“I haven't met any of them in person. I'd really like to meet them all as soon as possible. Hopefully we will be able to work in the office in the near future.”

I laughed really hard when
“In general, everyone at funda is very nice. I’d like to mention the conversations with my lead separately, he often jokes, so conversations with him are always lively.”

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What I want more of the coming months
“I would like to finish the paperwork that comes with moving to Amsterdam, get to know my colleagues better and of course start learning Dutch🧀!”

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